en kvinne Ian
Jeg er Ian, 40 år gammel.
Jeg er en mann på utkikk etter en kvinne.
Jeg bor i Gresham, USA.
Om meg:
A outdoor loving FL guy living in the NW
“ I have been through alot of bad relationships. I decided I needed to do something new and moved from FL to Oregon during all this craziness. I love the outdoors and enjoy it with my dog Ziggy. I work in the home mortgage industry and work from home so that has allowed me to move. I am looking for love and passion. I love being around my family and some are here in Oregon. I also enjoy being inside and watching tv during a rainy day. I went to culinary school and was a chef for 15 yrs before I got into mortgage industry. ” [Oversett til Norsk ]
Om min foretrukne datingpartner:
“ My ideal someone is someone that will give as much as I do. I wear my heart on my sleeve and will fight for the ones i love. I will always be there to listen and try to understand as long as I get the same. Isnt scared to show their love for their other is always nice. I don´t need a controlling person and would rather have someone that wants to be equal partners. ” [Oversett til Norsk ]
Jeg foretrekker at du er18 - 40 år gammel.